Occupy the NRA

21 Dec

occupynraIn the wake of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last week, Mark Provost, a friend from Occupy Boston and Occupy New Hampshire, became very vocal in his criticism of gun lobbyists and their role.  He helped start a group called “Occupy the NRA” that quickly gained over a million members and attention from The Nation.

Last night, Mark drove down from New Hampshire to join us in studios of UNregular Radio for an episode of “Banned in Boston.”  We also heard a plea from Mélida Arredondo, a peace activist from Boston whose stepsons, Alex and Brian Arredondo, were lost to types of violence.

There’s a direct link to the episode here.


One Response to “Occupy the NRA”

  1. Occupy617 (@Occupy617) December 24, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    Its not too fair to have a MLK Jr quote on an anti-gun initiative…
    MLK Jr had guns, he was surrounded by them all the time, for protection.
    He even applied for a conceal carry permit…but was denied…


    This nation’s first gun control laws were envoked in part by the Klan to prevent freed slaves from owning guns..


    Fact is gun control laws create more “illegal” weapons. More illegal weapons leads to more convictions and more people in jail…These people may need these guns to protect themselves. Last year the “illegal” gun offenders consisted of 49% black compared to 20% Hispanic and 27% white.


    Gun control creates the reason for “stop and frisk”, illegal traffic stops, longer harsh jail sentences, they go hand and hand with the bogus and racist “war on drugs”.

    Guns are a tool, they are protection, laws are enforced arbitrarily, and unfortunately the cold hard truth is that no amount of laws could’ve prevented what happened.

    The issue at hand goes far deeper than guns…

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