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Video: Black Lives Matter at South Bay House of Correction in Boston

26 Nov


Last night, I went to an action called #IndictBoston organized by Daunasia Yancey and the Boston chapter of Black Lives Matter. We where there not just to protest the decision not to indite Darren Wilson for the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, but to also challenge state-sanctioned violence in all its forms against people of color. We shut down several highway ramps in Boston and made a sustained and gutsy effort to physically break the police line on the ramp to I-93. That place is also the site of the South Bay House of Correction where protestors chanted to the prisoners, “We see you…black lives matter!” The prisoners seemed glad to be seen.

Watch the video.


Not much for current events, are you dude?

17 Dec
Pete Johnson, shown here moments after being pepper-sprayed, was on the December 13, 2012 episode of "Banned in Boston."

Pete Johnson, shown here moments after being pepper-sprayed, was on the December 13, 2012 episode of “Banned in Boston.”

While we’re gearing up for the relaunch of “99% Boston” on Occupy Boston Radio we’ve kept busy with our Thursday night show on UNregular Radio called “Banned in Boston.”

Last week was especially interesting because we were visited by two Occupy Boston friends who are fighting climate change in two distinctly different ways.

The first, Adam Greenberg, was a recent youth delegate to the UNFCCC COP18 Negotiations in Doha, Qatar. The second, Pete Johnson, was arrested and maced during a recent XL Pipeline blockade in East Texas. Here’s an excerpt from Pete’s description of the events leading up to him being pepper-sprayed and handcuffed:

“I still have an open case, so without giving away too much…we got there, locked down, the police come, they were comical. I listened to one of them complain for about a half hour about how he couldn’t find Twinkies anywhere…and I told the gentleman, ‘you’re not much for current events, are you dude?’”

Later in the show, as we talk about fracking, I make the comment, “If it causes earthquakes, God is against it, y’know? Gay stuff doesn’t cause Earthquakes.”

Before we wrap, John Murphy, one of the regular co-hosts, shares audio of a great speech he gave in Fanuel Hall last week. We keep hearing that this was one of our best episodes so far, so if you’ve never heard “Banned in Boston” maybe this can serve as your introduction. You can find the episode in the “Banned in Boston” archives or click this direct link.