Banned in Boston

Banned in Boston

  • Banned in Boston  was a live talk show every Thursday at 8 pm from August 2012 to November 2013 on UNregular Radio.  It was hosted by John Stephen Dwyer, John Ford, Rene Perez, and Nelson Terry.  Past guests and panelists include Michael Ashmore, Carlos Arredondo, Melida Arredondo, Mike Cann, Frank Capone, Geoff Carens, Lauren Chalas, Kelly Chudler, Glen Collins, Patrick Doherty, Marisa Egerstrom, Chris, Foye, Jen Elias, Rick Fail, Stephanie Fail, Chris Faraone, Terra Friedrichs, Bob Funke, Ruth Garcia, Adam Greenberg, Evan Greer, Tamarleigh Grenfell, David House, Gregg Housh, KC Hoye, Pete Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Ayesha Kazmi, Jay Kelly, Garret Kirkland, Derin Korman, Le Le Lechat, Nina Leoni, John Loftus, Matt Krawitz, Marla Marcum, Yoni Miller, John Murphy, Jeff Nunes, Jacklyn O’Shea, Ned Paschene, Jenna Pope, Rob Potylo, Mark Provost, Sage Radachowsky, Rita Sebastian, Cora Segal, Jill Stein, Vermin Supreme, Nicole Sullivan, Seamus Whelan, Francisco L. White and Anne Wolfe.  Please connect with “Banned in Boston” on Facebook, on YouTube, and through Twitter.

The Roving House

  • The Roving House is a website and collaborative concept created by Lauren Chalas and John Ford.  Some of its content relates to actions the “Banned in Boston” crew attended in New York, DC, Chicago and other places.  There’s also video of live shows and other content that ties into “Banned in Boston” and “99% Boston.”

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